"Max is the paper's official News Hound and has a nose for a good story and the best advertising deals in eastern NC."

Left photo: Max's first day on the job. Right:Growing into his ears.

Left photo: Max seems proud of his new tag. Right photo: Naturally curious.


Name:       Max
Breed:       Basset Hound
Gender:     Male
Age:          5 Years Old
Weight:     Approx. 50 pounds
Favorite Foods: The only thing small about Max is his legs. His loving nature is second only to his appetite. Max loves to play almost as much as he likes to eat.  His favorite foods are Kibbles & Bits, Canine Carry-Outs, Busy Bones and Hartz Pig Ears.  He will occasionally sample some 'people' food such as vanilla wafers, crackers and Frosted Mini Wheats.  
Favorite Activities: When not hunting for the next big news story, or sniffing out the best bargains in the Carolina Weekly News, Max enjoys chewing on his favorite toys, wrestling, running, sniffing new smells, eating and snoozing. While Max can sometimes look rather depressed, he rarely is in a somber mood. His wagging tail is a dead giveaway that he’s usually pretty happy, despite the sad eyes.
Max also knows a few tricks and is eagerly learning new ones. Currently, he knows how to dance, speak, sit, lay down, stay, play dead, and wave on command...and with a few treat incentives.  
As is the case with most bassets, their sense of smell is intensive and it is said that the breed is second only to the bloodhound in scent sensitivity. For this reason, it is especially important that bassets remain on the leash, indoors or in a fenced enclosure. A stray basset hound can travel for several miles tracking a scent before realizing they are lost. They keep their noses to the ground a lot and therefore can walk into traffic and not even look up.
The demeanor of the basset, however, is one that makes them excellent family dogs and a relatively calm breed around children, except when it's time to play.

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